Still working on stuff………

Well, I’m still working on stuff concerning the comic.  Just finished up the rough draft of the cover for it, as well as the first few pages.  Things are still goin’ kinda slow on the art end of it, but it’s looking better.

I also have some work done on what the characters in the prose story, as well as the comic version are going to look like.  As soon as I get them a bit closer to fully done, I’ll be trying to figure out a way to post them both on here, as well as on my DeviantART and any other art-sharing sites that I’m a member of.

So just keep staying tuned in, sweetlings.  Things are coming…whether it seems like it or not atm.

I promise.

100 Followers?!? I - I have 100 Followers now?! *swoons and faints in supreme happiness*

100 Followers???  A-already???  25 new Followers in a measly weeks up from 75???

I - I - I have no words for this.  Other than……

Thank you all.

So much.

I love you all, and I am so not worthy of this.

(Especially since I don’t have any TAEoH-related stuff (and especially any artwork; etc.) up here yet.  That, however, is hopefully going to change pretty soon.  At least…I’m hoping so, and working on making that so.)

I now have 75 Followers! *squees happily, then faints*

Yes, I now have 75 Followers of my humble l’il comic Blog.  (Not too bad, given that I don’t have anything comic-related (character sketches/art, actual comic pages) up here yet.  But they are coming; I promise you guys that!  I’m just still workin’ on getting everything together first.  (No scanner for the art, but I’m workin’ on that.)

Anyway, thank you so much to all of you who have been nice enough to follow me, and I hope to make you kindness and patience with me worth your while soon.

Many cyber-hugs to all you great folks!!!

Aw, crud, I’m tired!  See you guys later; I’m callin’ it a night.

I’ve got 40 Followers! Oh, thank you guys so much!!!

Like the title above says, I now have 40; count ‘em, 40 Followers!  Thank you, thank you, thank you guys sooooooo much!  I’ll try to have something up here soon for you to look at other than just my random text ramblings!  Rest assured that I am still working on that, and thank you for your patience!

Really tired, so I’m calling it a night, guys.  See you tomorrow sometime.

Have I lost a Follower………? Part 2

Looks like even though I did, I got a new one.  So I’m happy about that.

Have I lost a Follower………?

Not gonna fret about it if I have, but I could’ve sworn that I had 36 of ‘em when I went offline last night.

Ah, well………

Just so you know………

Just so you, my faithful Followers (and potential Followers) know, this Blog, unlike my original, Whitewolf’s Scribblings one, is strictly for the art and pages for the fancomic adaptation of my (very much) In-Progress MLP Anthro AU fic, The Ancient Elements of Harmony, and not for re-blogs and such.

Sorry about that, but I want to keep it clear of anything but stuff related to TAEoH.  I hope that you all understand, and don’t get upset when I don’t reblog anything that pops up in my dash.  That’s what the other one is for.

Well, and for posting my thoughts, and non-TAEoH art and stuff.

Like my fan-art (and likely other comic adaptations of my other MLP fanfics); stuff like that.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  Expect some TAEoH stuff here soon.

Wolf out.

Hey, I need a bit of help here, y’all………

And that is that if anyone, and I do mean anyone, here can tell me and/or show me just where on our beloved Internet that I might find pics of Celtic/Viking clothing, weapons and armor, dwellings (but especially those of clothing and weapons); etc. from the time just at the end of the Fall of the Roman Empire and/or the early/beginning of the Dark Ages, I would be greatly appreciate it.  I need them for the characters of this fancomic (as well as for the descriptions of said characters’ weapons, clothing; etc.; in the corresponding fanfic), which as I noted above, is set in this particular era.

I will take anything that I can get of these; reference links, the pics themselves; etc.  Anything.


Anyway, thankies in advance, y’all.

Wolf out.

Welcome to my “The Ancient Elements of Harmony” Comic Blog!

As the title above says, I bid you all a warm welcome, to this, my second Tumblr Blog.  (That is completely and totally separate from my first, original one, that is.)  This one is where I’ll be posting the chapters and pages of the comic adaptation of my My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Anthro Alternate Universe fanfic of the same name, the latter of which I will be posting on sites such as, (once I get the hang of what you have to do to post chapters to that site (HTML stuff, yippee)), the, possibly on my DeviantART account (but I don’t really know about doing that on that site…at least where the prose version of the fic itself is concerned.  But we’ll see later on.  The comic version itself definitely will be posted there), plus a couple of other MLP: FiM fanfiction-hosting sites; etc.

And yeah, I know that there isn’t much of anything on/in this Blog right now pertaining to the comic itself, pages; etc. (anything?!  try nothin’!!!  Yet, anyway); other than this opening first comment, as well as some others that will be coming (which will mostly be updates about stuff that’s related to the comic itself), but, that said, I do hope to be able to change that soon.  (Hopefully, very soon.  But we’ll see.)

The reason being (and this is Good News Bit #1), I now have my trusty l’il Kodak All-in-One Scanner/Printer/Copier out of storage down where I used to live and up here where I now live.  So (sorta Good News Bit #1), all I need to do now is basically finally get it hooked up and running (and get the wireless option for it set up and going), then get some new ink tanks (cartridges) for it (‘cause it’s out (Bad News Bit #1)), and then I’ll be good to go again.

Hey, if it comes right down to it, I can always use either my digital camera, or the webcam on this laptop (whichever works, right?) to take some pictures of stuff that I want to upload to this Blog til I can get the ol’ All-in-One up ‘n’ runnin’.  Now, that said, I really, really hope that it doesn’t come to that, but it might.  (Hey, like I said earlier, whatever works, right?)  But, again, we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?

Anyway, I then hope to get some preliminary artwork (which will be mostly early concept art and character sketches of how the various characters (and especially the mane (see what I did there?) ones…like the Mane 6; etc.;…up here pretty soon.  (Or just as soon as I can; whichever.)  So please, just continue to keep bearing with me, okay? I’m currently working on some of the art for it (including the first page of the comic’s Prologue (which isn’t very long…just like the Prologue for the fic itself), and I have a (very) rough draft of both the fic’s/comic’s main cover (for Book One of this (these?) thing(s) in progress, as well as a rough draft of the cover for the Prologue of the comic.  So things are coming along.  Very slowly, admittedly, but they are, finally, coming along quite nicely. 

Which is good.

And last, but certainly not least, please note that, as a comic (and otherwise) artist, I am most definitely not anywhere near being in the same class and league as Metal-Kitty (DA)/Metal (FA; this is the same guy; he just goes by a different (but almost the same name) at both sites) or ArofaTamahn (both DA and FA) or GatesMcCloud (DA) or CaptainHoers or Pia-sama or mauroz or dennybutt; etc.; but I do plan on giving this thing my very best shot.  I just hope (and I really do hope) that y’all will like my (very) humble art and comic scribblings, and that I can get some good feedback and critiques from you guys on/of them.

(Now, that said, I will not put up with any unhelpful comments, such as “Your art sucks!”; “My little brother/sister/dog could draw better than you!”; etc.  In short, if you just comment to be mean or nasty, and to try to cut down my artwork, and my attempts to improve it; well, all I can say is, “Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!” and you can just take your “critiques” and leave.)

(In other words, spamming me with snide, rude comments will get you shown the “door” to my l’il “house” here real, real quick, and any and all flames will be used to roast my hot dogs, my favorite sausage dogs and my marshmallows.  Get it?  Good.)


Welp, any-way, that’s pretty much all of it for now for this first Blog-post here.  Look for more soon, y’all.

Wolf out.